Washer Primus MB66

Product features

Oversized frame, bearings and drum

Large drain valves (2xØ76 mm)

Easy access to all parts

Patented soap dispenser with 5 removable compartments

Standard Graphitronic® microprocessor

Power Wash® perforated lifting rib

Freestanding, high spin

Capacity30 kg >Mounting typeHard mounting
G-Factor350Drum volume663 l
Drum diameter2× 750 mmFrequency controlled motorstandard
Standard wash speed41 rpmMax. spin speed915 rpm
Stainless steel drumstandardElectrical heating54 kW
Steam additional heating3-8 barWater inlet1 inch
Dimensions (H×W×D)1650×2150×1170 mmPacked dimensions (H×W×D)1840×2200×1380 mm
Net weight1360 kgGross weight1510 kg
Number of drums2Number of loading doors2
Number of unloading doors2Water consumption of cold/hot water per load (60°C programme without prewash)785/195 l
Graphitronic® microprocessor programmerstandardWater consumption per 1 kg of load14,8 l

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