Form finisher Sidi Nova Vapor

Vacuum blowing ironing table with outstanding mechanical and aesthetic features which goes further in fulfilling our clients requirements for quality and competitiveness.

The new vacuum, blowing and steaming version of the ironing table NOVA VAPOR, completes the range of the most competitive and versatile ironing tables from SIDI, suitable for the market of the Dry-cleaning and garment factory.

ОборудованиеГладильные столыRequired power400 V./3+N/50Hz *
Двигатель насоса0,6 KWВакуумный двигатель0,60 KW
Вход для пара1/2”Выходное отверстие1/2”
Boiler heating element 5 lt4 KWBoard heating 41,2 KW
Рабочее давление пара4 ÷ 5 barIron heating element0,8 KW

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