Form finisher Sidi SIRIO 2

Revolving finishing cabinet with former providing excellent finishing quality for jackets, coats, dresses, etc. and topper shape for trousers, skirts etc.


- Adjustable finishing cycle by microprocessor

- Warm air recycling for a quick cabinet heating

- Perfect thermal insulation of the door

- Minimum floor encumbrance

- Easy maintenance

Available either self-contained or for connection to central steam.

EquipmentSteam generatorsRequired power230 V/1 or 400 V/3+N/50 Hz*
Pump Motor0,6 kWWater feedingTubo gomma Ø int. 12mm
Boiler drain1/2 ”Steam Inlet1/2 ”
Fan motor0,75 kWReturn outlet1/2 ”
Steam working pressure4÷5 barSteam consumption20 ÷ 25 kh/h
Encumbrance1060 x 1180 mmNet weight200 kg
Gross weight230 kgOverall dimensions1190 x 900 x 2000 mm
Volumen2,14 m3

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