Form finisher Sidi EASYFORM 2000

EASYFORM 2000 Front paddle closing pneumatic device, with steam heated counter paddle. Manual trolley for the alignment to the shirt hem, complete with two pneumatic lateral paddles. Pneumatic adjustable clamps for sleeves. Rear paddle. Manual neck locking (unlockable).

Available extras:

•Built-in electronic boiler

•Pneumatic sleeve tensioning clamps with anatomic block off of the sleeve with oval form 1 uniquely for shirts.

•Photocell for the automatic positioning of the back paddle with the shirt’s hem, for a quick and flawless placement of the shirt (only for mod. easyform 3000)

•Water spray gun with support

•Electric iron for finishing touch

•Buttoner post + shirt hanger.

EquipmentMannequinsPump Motor0,5 kW
Vacuum Motor0,25 kW (3000 only)Water feedingtubo di gomma Ø 13 mm Ø 0,5 in
Boiler drain1/2”Boiler heating element8 kW - 0,8 BHP
Fan motor1,5 kWSteam working pressure4,5 bar - 65 psi
Air working pressure7 bar - 100 psiAir consumption9 Nl/ciclo - 0,32 cubic feet/cycle
Net weight315 kg - 695 LbsGross weight345 kg - 761 Lbs

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